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Lets talk Serums, Hair Masks and Shampoos

Lets talk Serums, Hair Masks and Shampoos. No matter what hair loss treatment you decide to go for, it’s always best to make it clear that the hair will not grow too quickly and it will take some time for you to see any changes between the exciting ‘before’ and ‘after’ hair picture. You will more than likely have to wait around three to six months until you will notice any changes. Patience is your best companion.

When applying biotin on hair does it actually work?

Did you know no research has yet been done on the efficacy of biotin if applied to the hair? If used in forms of serums, hair masks and shampoos? Let me elaborate there is simply no proof which has been put forward as to whether this vitamin can penetrate the hair shaft and be involved in the process of keratin synthesis. Over-the-counter products are generally not able to reach the core of the hair. At the Hair Dr, We believe that the application of biotin to the hair is doubtful to result in its better growth.

Now it’s no secret that we all love to use serums, hair masks and shampoos. Who doesn’t? When we see advertisements all over the internet promoting results such as sleek shine hair, deep moisture, and an overall whole new rejuvenation to the hair.

Let’s talk about the hair mask secrets that you should know!


The word on the street is that the best way to soak up the benefits and the moisture of a hair mask is to leave it on for as long as possible and many suggest leaving it overnight it’s know that most hair masks are usually made up of natural ingredients. Research carried out shows that this won’t cause any damage to the hair and even after extended use, which makes them ideal for use whenever and wherever. Overnight masks are favoured to do as it gives extra time on the hair.


It’s clear when you bleach or dye your hair. The best results come from keeping your head & hair heated. So why is this? It’s because heat is known to speed up chemical reactions; it also allows your cuticles to suck up the moisture easier. So how can this be done? You could use a heated hair mask, blow dryer and even the new headed brushes on the market! Whatever you prefer.


It’s known that when dying one’s hair, it will have some impact of damage, but hold on it doesn’t mean you should never dye your hair. But what you should do is take extra precautions ahead of time to keep the hair strong and healthy, and that includes a hair mask before and after the colouring process. We recommend this at the hair to ensure the health of your hair is boosted and whatever damage is done is reversed.


Ok maybe this is a no-brainer to many, but if one focuses on the ends of the hair is very important when doing hair masks. Since the terms of your hair have been around for the longest, they are therefore the most damaged, delicate, and brittle parts of your hairs compared to your roots or new hair. For this reason, whether you’re using a hair mask or just conditioning, it’s essential to put a little more emphasis on the ends of your hair to help keep in moisture & prevent breakage or split ends. Easy work


Many believe in having healthy hair; you have to buy dozens of products and perform daily hair masks? With all the information on the internet today, the Hair Dr wants to discuss what the reality is! So what is that? We know many have hectic lives, and it can sometimes get in the way. We suggest one needs to make time for it and
by this, we don’t mean every day just a little every week. As long as you put in the love into your hair, your hair is going to love you right back.


Did you know hair masks are a natural cure to dandruff? It’s true to believe it or not! The oils which are added to the hair masks are not only natural but also help moisten and penetrate one’s cuticles. So why is this? It moisturizes the scalp so well that it’s a fantastic assistant in healing dry or irritated skin without using any of the harsh chemicals found on the market.


At the Hair Dr, our favourite hair mask is merely making the most out of botanical oils. You should now see a pattern here with natural products and oils and all the benefits they offer. So what would we recommend?. Botanical honey oils are at the top as well as everything from olive to coconut so what do we suggest? Have a pamper night and put love into your hair regularly make it a habit, and you should notice an improvement.

Always remember these steps will help prevent hair loss and hair damage. Please remember it’s not a permanent fix. In such cases, you may want to consider a hair transplant as a permanent solution to your hair loss problem.

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