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Hair Transplants

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Why have 1000s of patients chosen The Hair Dr for their hair transplant?

With over 3,000 surgical operations performed in the NHS, and specialist surgical expertise in hair transplants, you can trust us to deliver expert care and a high quality result. That’s why we’re the UK Hair Transplant Clinic Of The Year 2022-23.

Hair Transplants

Surgeon-led FUE & FUT transplants

FUE, Follicular Unit Excision and FUT, Follicular Unit Transplant are the two main transplant techniques. At The Hair Dr Clinic we offer both these treatments and therefore can advise which one is best for you.  FUE and FUT are different surgical procedures and during your consultation, your surgeon will recommend the procedure that is right for you.

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Hair Transplants

Body Hair Follicle Unit Excision​

In some circumstances, we’ll recommend Body Hair Follicular Unit Excision (BHFUE). Hair is extracted using the FUE approach. BHFUE is an advanced level of hair transplant used to expand the donor area. BHFUE provides a larger ‘hair bank’, greatly increasing the amount of donor hair that can be harvested. This can be useful if there are less suitable donor sites on the scalp to choose from. BHFUE requires body hair to be sufficiently matched in curl, colour and coarseness to the area of hair loss.

Other Hair Transplants

Beard, Eyebrow & Eyelash Transplants

Modern transplant techniques make it possible for us to transplant hair to the beard, eyelashes, and eyebrow areas. Either FUE or FUT techniques can be used for these procedures. Facial hair transplants can take from three to eight hours, depending on the extent of the transplant. Donor hair must be carefully matched in curl, colour and coarseness – consequently, prices for these procedures are only available on request.

Beard Transplants

Beard transplants are requested by patients who wish for either fuller beard hair, or a more even growth pattern. Beard transplants can also be used to cover acne scars or other facial scarring. The donor areas used for beard transplants are commonly found on the scalp or chest.

Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow transplants can be required as a result of overplucking, scarring and chemical burns, as well as alopecia. Eyebrow transplants can be used to increase the definition and density, or alter the shape of the eyebrow. Common donor areas include the scalp, the legs, and the arms.

Eyelash Transplants

An eyelash transplant uses different placement techniques than other hair transplants, requiring a higher level of surgical precision. As a result, sessions are shorter with 24 to 40 eyelashes implanted over a three-hour period.


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