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Do Biotin Supplements Work? Let’s Find Out!

Do Biotin Supplements Work? Let’s Find Out! There is so much information on the web today talking about biotin supplements and the benefits they provide, but is it just a marketing strategy? Or does it work? Here at the Hair Dr, we have put some information together which should hopefully put your mind at rest and make you understand a little more about Biotin supplements.

So there are many supplements on the market, and you can buy Biotin in the form of liquid, pills and gummies. Often added to things like nail polishes, shampoos and conditioners and most contain both biotin and collagen.

What should you know about this supplement?

what should you know about biotin supplement

Research shows that many biotin supplements contain way more than the recommended amount that one needs per day, and many supplements will have anywhere from 1000 up to 10,000 micro-grams of Biotin per pill. So what happens when you take too much? Well, you’ll probably urinate out what your body doesn’t need sounds like a waste right?

Please be clear that no evidence has yet been found to show any sign of toxicity. However in some cases if a big dose of biotin is taken then it can mess with lab tests for hormones. Although there is no research shown about toxins in supplements, please remember that taking biotin supplements with other medication, it’s always best to discuss with a medical professional as they might interfere with other supplements.

What if I have a Biotin deficiency?

what if i have biotin deficiency

Did you know that it’s rare to get a deficiency? Most probably because it’s found in so many foods and also because one doesn’t need that much. You only need around 30 to 100 micro-grams daily! Not a lot right? Likely, you’re already getting this from a proper diet as it’s already in ranges of food like eggs, soy, nuts, seeds and salmon.

Biotin is something your body needs to survive but doesn’t make on it’s own, and that’s why supplements and the right foods are recommended.

There is a link between biotin and your skin, nails and hair. If one is deficient in biotin, it will cause thin hair, brittle nails and rashes on the skin. Again no research was done showing that biotin supplements improve hair and nails and people who don’t have enough biotin to begin with.

At the Hair Dr, we would suggest if you have any concerns when it comes to deficiency and you think a supplement is needed then why not speak to your doctor, after all you have nothing to lose.

What if your Biotin levels are normal?

normal biotin levels

There is no evidence strong enough to prove that Biotin can improve one’s hair, nails and skin. If your biotin levels are already normal, then why would you need more? And you just wanted to take it just so your hair grows faster or longer taking extra supplements might not be the option for you. If you look at it this way when it comes to healthy skin, what would your doctor suggest? One may suggest adding more Vitamin C, and Omega-3 fats as this is a natural from and cutting out sugar and alcohol consumption.

You wouldn’t need to take extra vitamins if your levels were already on track. It would be a waste of time and money.

So what is recommended?

what supplements are recommended for hair loss

If you want to take Biotin supplements then more than likely you’re okay to do so and without any problems. However, we would suggest you mention this to your medical professional first. It’s always best to make sure there are no potential issues with your health.

If you find yourself diagnosed as having a deficiency talk to your doctor about how much you should be taking. You would need to know the right supplement as there are many on the market! If you think you have taken more than the recommended daily amount, get advice from a medical professional only. Remember, lots of information can be added to the internet. Therefore it’s always best to get the right direction.

Get in touch!

get in touch

If you’ve tried supplements and tried improving your diet and are still left with no option. Why not consider a hair transplant as a permanent solution to your hair loss problem.

A single surgical procedure should be sufficient for you to regain the full head of hair you desire. Finally bring an end to endless treatments. If you want to improve your confidence and self-esteem look no further and get in touch.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us today on either method T: 0808 169 7210. E: alternatively you can book a free consultation via our website.

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