UK Hair Transplant Clinic Of The Year 2022-23

Why choose Hair Dr Clinic?

At The Hair Dr clinic, we pride ourselves on serving our local community. Leeds and the surrounding areas, providing the best state of the art hair transplant clinic. Providing excellence in hair restoration surgery. Using the very latest surgical equipment and most advanced surgical techniques. This combined with the latest thinking on aesthetic results. The Hair Dr consistently perform exceptional, natural appearing hair transplantation. Reasons to choose Hair Dr clinic.

At the Hair Dr, we focus on every aspect of our patients’ hair restoration. From their first contact, to the consultation to every follow-up visit. Rest assured our patients know that they will receive the very best treatment. When they choose Hair Dr clinic. From start to finish we provide the care and attention to detail expected from a modern Clinic. Proven in both the results and patient feedback.

Modern State of the Art Clinic

Why choose Hair Dr clinic. We take great pride in our work as a team. So much so, we give each client the Hair Dr clinic guarantee. This states –

For all hair transplantation procedures performed by The Hair Dr surgeons, we guarantee to replace any non-growing hair transplant graft free-of-charge,

The patient must adhere to the terms as set out. This is the level of confidence we have with our team to produce the desired outcome.

We have such confidence in our techniques and services on offer. These are finely researched and have been proven safe and highly effective. Proving our patients with tailored results. Due to a busy work schedule we have a limited number of consultations per day. This is also to give each person adequate time. Also to ensure our patient´s welfare and comfort is an absolute priority.

At The Hair Dr, we are often asked for basic tips from men and women considering a hair transplant. Deciding to have any surgical procedure can be a daunting process. Even though results can make it very worthwhile the decision is no less difficult. Here are the eight key points to consider

1 Picking the right surgeon and team

This is by far the most important consideration for anyone considering a procedure. Our advice here is very simple: do your homework. Check that the surgeon is affiliated to a respected professional organisation such as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

The ISHRS is a highly select body featuring all the very best hair transplant surgeons in the world. Only those highly regarded by their peers are invited to join. It is worth checking the testimonials on any surgeon’s website. What you are looking for is lots of recent clients who confirm that they have had a good procedure. If a clinic has worked with a number of celebrity patients successfully that is another good sign.

The Hair Drs lead surgeon is a member of the ISHRS and one of the most respected hair transplant surgeons in the world. He has a vast level of experience within the NHS as well as carrying out hair transplantation in a private capacity.

It is not just the surgeon who is important. But also the team behind them. All good surgeons work with skilled technicians. They help to separate the hair transplant grafts from the donor areas, which are then replanted, by the technicians into the balding areas.

2 The very best clinic facilities

All patients rightly expect the very highest standards of care and hygiene at their chosen clinic. You can visit most clients prior to a procedure.

At The Hair Dr, we operate for a fully insured CQC registered Health Centre. We have one of the most advanced hair transplantation facilities in the world.

3 Face-to-face consultations

Any reputable surgeon will insist on doing a face-to-face consultation with a potential patient. This is normal before undergoing a procedure. During this consultation, the surgeon will discuss your expectations and desired hair coverage. The surgeon should assess whether these results are achievable and give the patient realistic expectations. Be wary of any surgeon who has sales people providing the first point of contact with patients. When you choose Hair Dr clinic, our surgeon and practice manager before proceeding to a full transplant sees all our patients individually. We give each individual client the opportunity to watch a live procedure taking place from our client viewing gallery should they wish.

4 Which technique suits the patient best?

There are two effective hair transplantation techniques. The most popular is FUE (follicular unit excision) chosen by around 95% of patients at The Hair Dr Clinic. With FUE, the individual donor grafts are removed one by one from the back and side of the scalp and then replanted into the balding areas. It is popular because there is minimal scarring – just red pinpricks where the donor hair is extracted and replanted which go away after a few days.

FUE Transplant Surgery examples

The more traditional method of hair transplantation is called FUT (follicular unit transplantation).  This is where a strip of skin is removed to obtain the donor grafts. The scarring is more noticeable than with FUE – there is a linear scar on the scalp, but this tends not to be visible if the patient wears their hair reasonably long. FUE is not suitable for patients who like to shave the back or sides of their scalp or wear their hair short. This method is cheaper than FUE because the grafts are harvested in one go and are, therefore, less labour intensive.

5 Before and after pictures

It is always worth looking at a surgeon’s before and after pictures. This is the simplest and most direct way of assessing their effectiveness. Bear in mind it takes between eight months to a year before the full benefits of a hair transplant to show through – that is when all the transplanted hair will have grown back fully. So don’t panic if a surgeon doesn’t get an immediate result in the weeks after a transplant. Please head over to our Instagram page for our up to date results.

6 Testimonials

All reputable surgeons will have lots of testimonials on their website. The key here is a recent patient who has been provided with a high standard of care. If you would like to speak with any of our recent patients at the Hair Dr clinic we are more than happy to arrange this.

7 Price

You’ll all be familiar with the phrase ‘too good to be true.’ And this is certainly the case about the claims and prices of some hair transplantation clinics, particularly those abroad and in countries like Turkey. With a hair transplant, there are two main costs – the time of the surgeon and the use of the facilities. You really do pay for quality when it comes to transplantation. Low prices mean ill-equipped and sometimes unhygienic clinics and inexperienced surgeons. At the Hair Dr, we are very transparent with our pricing which is readily available on our website and you can view here.

8 Aftercare

All reputable clinics pride themselves on their comprehensive aftercare. This means seeing things through until the patient is 100% happy with the results of their procedure. At the Hair Dr clinic, we do things a little differently. All our clients have direct contact with the practice manager 24 hours a day 7 days a week post procedure. We pride ourselves on putting out client first throughout their hair restoration journey.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us today on either method T: 0808 169 7210. E: alternatively you can book a free consultation via our website.

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