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The Sun: Two men talk about the true impact of losing their locks

Hair loss is an emotive issue. It can affect men and women alike. The impact of hair loss can be profund for many. “At a friend’s wedding last November, pictures from the stag do were plastered all over the gents’ loos.” Stated a hair loss sufferer and Hair Dr patient on the impact of hair loss. “As people scrutinised them, they kept asking where I was in the photos. But they didn’t recognise me as the bald bloke at the back. Thanks to my £6,000 hair transplant. 

before and after hair transplant

As a kid, my hair was thick and grew quickly. I kept it short until I was about 21. Then grew it long to fit in with my indie mates. It wasn’t until I decided to get it all chopped off. At 25 I realised it had been hiding my horrifically receding hairline. I remember staring in the barber’s mirror. Wondering how I hadn’t noticed that I had two big bald patches at the front of my scalp. I felt the panic rise.

“I was only in my mid-20s and was clearly going bald. It didn’t help that both my 31-year-old brother and my half-brother, who was in his 40s, still had a full head of hair, as did my late dad, who passed away in 2015 aged 66. I had my first consultation at The Hair Dr in Leeds in January 2018, and a few weeks later I used my savings to have FUE (follicle unit extraction), which involves removing hair follicles and their roots and transplanting them to areas that no longer have hair.”


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