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Psychological Effects of Hair Loss: Part 2

In a recent blog we discussed the psychological impact of hair loss. An article in the Sun on Sunday on the 16th June 2019. Discussed the impact of male hair loss. With the focus on Michael, a client of the Hair Dr clinic.  In the article Michael states ‘I felt so self-conscious I stopped going out’

Michael is a 32 year old Social club manager. A single man who lives in Leeds, Yorkshire in the north of England. He commented on when he first noticed his hair loss. “At a friend’s wedding last November, pictures from the stag do were plastered all over the gents’ loos.As people scrutinised them, they kept asking where I was in the photos. But they didn’t recognise me as the bald bloke at the back,”

Genetic Hair Loss – Aging

By the age of 35, about two-thirds of all men have been affected by hair loss. Hair loss can dramatically change a man’s appearance. As was in Michael´s case. Friends and family didn’t recognise the nice guy in the pictures. Men tend to view themselves as less attractive without hair. The notion continues with the fear of becoming less attractive to others. Michael felt his confidence has been affected due to his hair loss.  As a result, affected him being in a serious relationship. Now that he has his hair back he feels his confidence has been restored. As a result, he is looking forward to dating again.


Hair loss often leads to reduced self-confidence and increased insecurity. This can have a significant effect on a man’s personality. Often making them become shy and even antisocial. Michael said, “Being shy already, I didn’t feel I could confide in anyone and it began to affect my confidence. By the time I was 28 I stopped going out with my mates as often, as I felt so self-conscious.”

In extreme cases, this loss of confidence can lead to anxiety or depression.

Hair loss is often associated with aging. So, losing hair may make a man feel old or older. Coming to terms with the aging process can be challenging at any age. It is particularly hard on young men suffering from hair loss. In Michael´s case, like many other men they start to experience hair loss in their early 20´s. The proportions of a face with a receding hairline also change. With the tendency to make the face look older. The flip side is baldness is sometimes linked with wisdom. Considered to be an attractive quality in Western culture. Although, a full head of hair signals youth, power, and desirability.

Self confidence at work

Certain jobs, for example those in front of a camera, often favour a good head of hair over men with thinning hair. Balding may not have a direct effect on professional opportunities. But it´s not uncommon to have some form of teasing in the workplace. As a result, can add to a loss of confidence. Studies have shown that men with full heads of hair are judged as more dominant and masculine compared to balding men. Which can have a powerful effect in the workplace environment. Since having his hair transplant Michael has been promoted to Club manager. He puts this down to his increased sense of self belief and confidence.

While hair loss is tough on the psyche, the good news is that it does not have to be permanent. Treatment options are available to restore a full head of natural hair at The Hair Dr clinic.

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